Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday I was in a store and there was a man in line next to me who was singing.  He sang one line to a song and I sang the next.  It was enjoyable.  I often want to break out in song but don't allow myself to but I enjoyed hearing the man sing in the store.  I have heard that we are born singing and that first song or cry strengthens our lungs and enables us to take in oxygen.  The sounds that come from a baby are described as crying but that is a type of song that is precious to hear.  I remember clearly the sounds my children made as they cooed and learned to speak baby language. 

I think the natural singing is an important part of our lives but so often we think we don't sound good so we limit our singing to the shower.  The acoustics in my shower are great and they are in my car also.  I love to drive down the highway singing to the top of my lungs when I am alone.  I am a harmonizer.  Whenever I hear the tune I immediately begin to harmonize.  I love to sing the alto parts to a song.  I think perhaps that is also my role in life to be a harmonizer and create a different sound that accompanies the melody of life.    

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