Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I've Learned from My Husband

My husband has always forced me to move out of my comfort zone.  I remember shortly after we married and we both worked at the ski area.  He was teaching me to ski and he took me up the t-bar on the steepest slope.  I was planning to go to the top and ski down one of the easier slopes but halfway up the mountain he pulled the t-bar out from under me and I was forced to ski down.  I was so scared but I managed to get down.  Once I was down I realized that I really could do it and immediately had more confidence. 

That was just the beginning of the challenges he put before me in our lives together.  I remember him trotting across a pipe over a ditch and telling me just look forward and keep moving and you can do it.  I was again scared but was able to overcome the fears and make it across.   There have been so many times that I would retreat in fear but with his encouragement and guidance I learned to succeed.   This may seem like a small thing but as I look back and reflect on our lives together I realize what an important part he played in helping me to overcome so many fears.  He taught me when riding a roller coaster to look forward and it is much easier. 

Several years ago we bought a boat and I was afraid if I fell in the water I would drown.  He encouraged me to face my fears.  I took a six month course in Neuro-Linguistics and as a part of the class we had to complete a large ropes course.  This was a process over the months to enable us to face our fears and learn to accomplish our greatest dreams.  The ropes course was definitely the most physically challenging thing I had ever done.  I remember climbing the tall poles and walking the highline wires.  It took all the inner strength I had to stay balanced and keep going.  I climbed the pamper pole and jumped from the very top reaching for a trapeze swing that I nevere reached.  Imagine jumping from the top of a 20 foot pole.  Finally I did the zip line and jumped off a patform to swing down the line.   After that course, I realized that I could do anything I wanted to do.  If I face challenges I would overcome them and work it through.  That was quite an acoomplish for me and it has reflected in all parts of my life since then.

So rather than having a safe and comfortable life, I have been challenged to do more.  It was not always comfortable for me but as I reflect back I am grateful that I have moved beyond and conquered my fears.   

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