Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tribute to Mothers

Today is Mother's Day, a day to pay tribute to and honor our mothers.  My mother was a good mother, not a perfect mother but then none of us are.  We all just do the best we can with what we have available at any one time.  Hard as we may try to give our children the best of everything there is always room for improvement.  Mother was strong and courageous.  She was not afraid to try anything and my sisters and I learned a lot from her determination and desire to learn and grow throughout her life.

I was blessed to have my mother because she set a good example for me and stood by me whenever I needed her.  It is wonderful to have someone in your life who will come to your aid when you need them and stand by when you don't.  I knew she believed in me and she taught me to be strong. 

The mother child relationship is a miracle to begin with.  To have that child grow inside you and then force it our so it can grow and learn to stand on its own is incredible.  When my children were born I felt that it was the greatest event that ever happened on this earth.  Women are given that wonderful opportunity to experience miracles first hand as we birth a child.  That is probably why we are so drawn to new babies because they are like anchors to our own experience and when we see them we are able to tap into that wonderful feeling once again. 

So today I want to pay tribute to mothers:
  • For giving her child that last bite of food when she is still hungry
  • For staying up late at night to sew a new dress for that special occasion
  • For rocking a sick child all night when she can barely hold up her head from lack of sleep
  • For sending money to college when she needed it to pay the rent
  • For making us believe we were special
  • And for all the other sacrifices that mothers make to assure that our lives are better.
We thank them for all this and more because after all she is your mother.

Written on Mother's Day 2011. 

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