Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Feel Sad

Some great things happened today and some sad things.  Tonight I feel sad.  It is not often that I allow myself to just feel sad.  I am always the person who tries to think of something good and push away the sadness but tonight I am allowing myself to feel sad.  Tonight it is okay.

I think it is very important to keep a positive outlook to life and I do believe that what we think about gets bigger in our lives but there are times when we need to nourish ourselves and just allow the sadness to wash over us.  A young friend had an accident on Sunday and injured his back seriously and is in intensive care.  I am sad that he may not fully recover and am sad that he barely escaped a fatal injury.  I am also so very grateful that he is alive and expected to recover.  I am allowing all the feelings rather than pushing them away and denying how I feel.

Today I had an important meeting and I wanted to make certain that all went well.  I had great response and all went well in the meeting but I had been so emotionally attached to the outcome that I was exhausted afterwards.  I am the kind of person who perserveres and keeps that positive outlook but every once in a while I have to stop and face the reality of being tired or sad no matter how well things go.  That is often hard for me to face but tonight with the help of my husband I can just endulge myself and be sad.

I bet most of us are pretty good at covering our feelings and keeping a stiff upper lip.  I encourage you to allow the sadness to come in like a warm blanket that nurtures your soul every once in a while.  It can energize you and give you the courage to go on.      

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