Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Healing Body

Have you ever noticed how your body reacts when you have an injury or wound?  All the cells in the body start to focus on the wounded area and all their attention and energy goes toward healing that area.  It is the same in a family or community.  When one person in a family is sick all the other family members focus their attention and energy on taking care of that person and helping them heal.  We find the same thing happen in communities and our nation.  When one part is wounded or hurting the rest step up to assist and give of their time, talent and money to restore that area to health. 

What a wonderful thing it is to experience that healing process.  You might be the person who is ill or the person who lends aid but the experience of family and community heals both the giver and the receiver.  I have always told people who work for me that family comes first.  We are in the business of helping people and only when we understand the process of helping ourselves are we able to fully understand how to help others.  Charity begins at home.  We cannot be fully healthy ourselves if another in our family, community or country are in pain.  We are all part of the whole that God made us to be. 

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  1. Beautiful and so true.... what are you doing today to be healthy and to help those around you be healthy?
    Our health has so many parts to it, physical, mental, and a healthy community.... well said Nese♥