Thursday, May 19, 2011

Letting Go

I don't know why I think I am in control of my life or that I even need to control it.  I do believe that all things work together for good in our lives.  Usually I have  the sense that I am the one who brings about that good and makes it happen but that is not really true.  This week I was scheduled to attend an important meeting in Washington, DC but something came up so that I could not go.  I actually had a part in planning the meeting and wanted to be a part of the discussions that took place but I have come to realize that things will proceed and all will be well whether I am there or not. 

All these wonderful life lessons help me to realize that all is perfect along with our desire to improve it.  So I am removed from the action this week doing something that is a greater priority for me, being with my family.  Most of the time I can balance both quite well but this week I had to choose and my choice will always be family first. 

So I am set apart this week relying on my co-workers and friends to carry out the important work in Washington as I let go of my need to be there and trusting that all is well.  Another great opportunity to trust and let God and the universe support the highest and best for all.

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  1. I have believed this for a LONG time. Seems that if I do what I FEEL it turns out to be right whereas if I insist on what I WANT then it is less than optimim! Good Blog!