Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I hava a Peter Hurd painting of a Mexican man reaching upward toward the sky.  Underneath it says, "Ven lluvia bendita, ven a acariciar la tierra sedienta."  It means, "Come blessed rain, come and caress the thirsting earth."  In my area of the southwest we have gone 118 days without a drop of rain.  Tonight there are thunderstorm warnings and a chance of rain is predicted.  As I look out my window I see the wind blowing the trees and hope that the rain will follow. 
The earth here is indeed thirsty and yet in many parts of the country there are floods and people have lost their homes due to tornados.  I often reflect that we are lucky that our homes are not threatened even though it is very dry.  We have experienced lots of wind this year but it is mostly aggravating not dangerous.
I am listening to the thunder and there is something exciting about the thought of the rain to wash the trees and streets around us.  I can smell the dirt as the drops of rain fall gently on my face.  Ven lluvia bendita, ven a acariciar la tierra sedienta.

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