Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Silence Within the Noise

I am sitting on the back of the boat at the lake this morning listening to the silence within the noise.  I hear the birds singing as they chase each other around.  They are busy building nests to lay their eggs.  The fish jump, water splashes and I hear the distant sound of a motor boat and yet there is a calm silence around me.  No voices, no music, the beautiful silence of nature.

Somehow I feel a connectedness  to all about me.  It is a good feeling a feeling that all is well.  I know that I am experiencing what men hudreds of years ago experienced as they listened to the sounds about them.  Perhaps they didn't have the motor boats but all the other sounds have sustained throughout history.  It is the common thread that acknowledges that we are but a small part of the universe.  Interesting.... 

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