Monday, April 25, 2011

I have learned that whatever state I am in, therein to be content!

I love this quote from the bible and I try very hard to practice what it says.  What does it mean to be content?  Is it happy or okay?  I guess to me content means that I am counting on the fact that all things cycle and if it is not the way I want it right now it soon will be.  I think it is trusting and having faith in tomorrow.  It is really a beautiful word content. 

Content is like a smooth rock strong and firm and yet it is not rough.  Think about what that word means for you. 

Haven't you seen people who go through life and never seem to let things get them down.  They are what we often call unflappable.  I feel sure that not everything is smooth in their lives but they have learned to live well.  Oh how wonderful that would be to walk through life and have that inner understanding that no matter what state I am in I could be content.  I have a lot of respect for those who can handle their lives well.  There is a peace about them and you know when you are around them that you begin to relax and feel good.  Their energy is attractive and comforting.  We need those folks in our lives so that the sadness, violence and trauma in our world is balanced. 

It is my desire that we all learn to be content no matter our state. What a wonderful day that will be.

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  1. What content means to you in your first paragraph is too true. It is a beautiful word. I feel the same but have never put it in these words.
    I aim for serenity in my life and think that content is an important factor in achieving it.
    Thanks for your thoughts...