Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Best Me I Can Be

Life is full of lessons and they are readily available to us if we just stop and listen or pay attention to them. I had a geat day yesterday.  I sat on the boat and read, relaxed and even took a short nap.  My husband had a very busy day with lots of things to do, many projects and was tired at the end of the evening when he finally sat down.  I started thinking that if he could just relax like me we would have a wonderful time together but he has to be busy and does not really know how to relax.  Or does he???

After noticing myself become a little bit frustrated with him I realized that being busy is his way to relax.  As he struggled to drill holes to attach a fishing rod holder he would not give up.  He kept looking for the right tools and I encouraged him to wait until tomorrow but he pursued until he finished his task.  Gathering his tools he commented that he wanted to do all he can as long as he can.  I think as we age we all face the reality that our bodies are not as agile as they used to be and many things that were easy now take much more effort. 

All of this made me stop and think.  It finally came to me that I don't need to change him I just need to be me.  That was a great gift to me because today I will approach all that we do together with the new perspective of understanding that I just need to be the best me I can and allow him to be himself without the need to change him. 

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