Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Power is such a big word.  I have seen many instances where an individual will exert their power over another.  In relationships it is common for one person to power over and the other to power under or allow the other person to over power them.  It is illusive but strong. 
I think that possibly the most powerful person is the one who doesn't need to use their power over another.  I remember one time I was described as one who walks softly but carries a big stick.   To me this meant that they thought I was influential without having to speak loudly or be pushy.  In conversations the listener is the most powerful because the other person will tell you a lot about themselves and they are honored by a person who is attentive to what they are saying. 
Power does not have to be strong or overbearing.  It can be gentle and persuasive.  Think of the power of water and how it can move so gently or with great force.  The power of water has a rhythm and within that rhythm it flows to create the natural synchronisity of life.  We can learn much about ourselves as we observe the natural forces around us. 
One of the most powerful things in our life is to understand and acknowledge our inner power.   It does not have to be outwardly apparent but is something that we carry within that gives us peace and understanding of ourselves and the world around us.
More power to you!!!

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