Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I Learned From My Mother

Every day something happens that reminds me of my mother.  Mother was an active, independent lady who could do whatever she set her mind to.  I think often of all I learned from her and how valuable those things are in my life today.  I learned:
     The importance of family
     How to be strong
     About work and how to treat the public
     How to be a friend
     How to be a good mother
     What to do when someone is in need
     How to help when someone dies
     How to speak honestly from my heart
So many times we take our mothers for granted and may not even get along with them.  There is an important passage of life that is all about looking at your mother with all her qualities and flaws and realizing it is all okay.  I believe that we do not really grow up until we come to peace with our parents.  Not every day was easy with my mother but I never doubted that she loved me and would come to my aid at any time I needed her.  There is comfort in that and I am grateful for that knowing and for all I learned.

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