Monday, April 11, 2011


Have you ever noticed how some people walk through life as if the world is their apple?  They walk confidently and are noticed when they walk by because of their confidence and composure.  People who walk confidently are attractive and will gain the attention of others whether they intend to or not. 

I was visiting with a friend today who told me that her father treated her like a princess when she was small.  She knew the world was hers just for the asking.  What a wonderful thing to give a child.  The confidence that they can go through the world and attract whatever they want is a great gift.  I have a grandaughter who thinks the world is hers.  She is confident in all her actions and is not intimidated by anything.  I hope she can keep that confidence but so many times as children age they are talked out of their confidence and belief in themselves. 

What adult would consciously take the confidence and courage away from a child and yet we do it without being aware when we constantly chip away at their creativity and adventurous spirit.  We do it by expecting them to conform to rules and fit into the world as we know it.  Children with confidence are soon made to believe that they don't fit and may be labled with various disorders just because they don't conform.  Many adults are threatened by a child who is confident and they will try to control them.

Confident people will usually come out on top.  Many times they are not physically beautiful or handsome but are never the less attractive and charismatic due to their confidence in themselves.  I guess we all want to be more confident and walk through the world as if we own it.  Well, you can because you do own the world if you only claim it and act accordingly with confidence..

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