Sunday, April 10, 2011

Living in the Present

Have you ever been stressed?  I imagine that every has been and that all of the stressors are based upon thinking about the future or remembering the past.  In each of those situations we have no control over what has happened or what we fear will happen but we spend a majority of our time in those places. 

I remember reading a book called "The Precious Present" by Spencer Johnson.  The story tells that when you have the precious present you will be happy forever and you will be content to be where you are.  You knew where to find it best when you were a small child and have simply forgotten.  It is not something someone else can give you, it is a gift that you give yourself.  You can not get the precious present by trying for it is not in the past nor the future but the present.

It reminds me of a father who gave a gift to his family.  It was the most valuable gift he could give and it cost nothing.  It was the most precious of all the gifts the man could give.  It was the present time. 

In this present moment all is well. 

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