Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Why is it so important for us to win?  I went to a basketball game tonight and even though neither of the teams playing were our local team I noticed that many of the local fans got very involved in their selected team winning.  What if we didn't have to beat another to win?  What if we all won by just participating or if all the players helped each other score and we just observed the great talent of all the athletes?  What is it that is so important about beating another?
Sometimes when my husband and I are at the lake on our boat we play gin.  It is interesting to notice the strategy of others you play cards with.  My husband will go down and not gin just to beat me.  I play to win and he plays to beat me.  I think it is interesting to note the things that motivate us.  I want to do better but I don't have to beat someone else to be happy. 
What motivates you?  I like to be first at things and if there are lots of people participating in something I lose interest but for me being first doesn't mean beating others it just means leading the way for others to follow.  Many people are motivated by pain and others are motivated by pleasure.  Do you make decisions based on what you will get or what you will get away from?  It is interesting to notice our own strategies or motivators and the strategies of those around us.  Once you know this it will give you information about others that will help you succeed.   

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  1. I think winning and losing is something that has been inherited to us by our previous generations. You are always hearing you need to do x thing to reach success and we grow up with this idea and in return we encourage this in our children as well. It would be nice for every person to receive a price at the end, but then what is the purpose of the competition, or what would the motivation be...