Thursday, March 10, 2011


"Two men looked out through prison bars, one saw mud the other saw stars."  I love this quote because it points out that even looking out the same window we each see the world differently.  Some people look at a glass and see it half full and the other person will see it half empty.  Both are right.  We are all conditioned by people around us and influenced by those who are most important in our lives. 
There are people called exception generators who when they look at the world will see all the things that are wrong.  They are great at finding problems and discovering ways to resolve them.  Some of us go through life looking at what is right and we may miss important issues that need to be corrected.  We are often quick to judge someone who thinks differently from us and label them negative or wrong.  I encourage all of us to just look at life as interesting. 
My mother used to say, "that is why there are chocolate and vanilla," meaning that we all have different tastes and like different things.  That is all okay and there are plenty of choices for all of us. My message to myself is not to decide how others should see the world but to appreciate the abilities of each person as they view life in their own way.  And remember you can have chocolate, vanilla or even strawberry and it is all okay.

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