Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Create Our Tomorrows by What we Dream Today

This is a plaque that I have had on my shelf for a long time.  I have for many years had a sense that this might be true but it wasn't until I really began to focus my attention on setting my own personal goals that I could really see that it works.  About 25 years ago I attended a workshop where they encouraged us to write down 100 things we wanted.  I thought it would be easy but after about 10 things were listed it became more difficult.  I knew there were lots more things I wanted but couldn't really think what they were.  It took me a while but I finally had my list of 100 things.

What I noticed was that I had to be very specific.  I couldn't just say I wanted a new house.  I had to state that I wanted a brick house with a beautiful yard, green grass and trees, etc.  So I made my list and put it in a drawer with other things I save.  After about 10 years I was cleaning out the drawer when I saw the list of 100 things I wanted.  The most amazing thing happened.  As I reviewed the list I realized that I had received or accomplished about 90 of the 100 things on the list.  I was totally shocked but it made me a believer.
Another time I was doing a goal reaching exercise in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).  The whole idea is to ask for something believing that you have already received it.  So when you want something you see yourself as if you already have it.   You notice the feel, smell, colors, sounds now that you have reached your goal.  I wanted a new car and I knew the model, color and all the details of what the car looked like.  I saw myself driving down the street, feeling the soft leather upholstery, listening to the stereo and feeling the comfort and speed of the car.  I saw a friend who waved at me and I was sure they were noticing how good I looked in my new car.  It felt so good and it was like I was dreaming I was there.  Christmas morning I went outside and my husband surprised me with the car I had imagined.  I was so excited and loved the car but it wasn't until about 6 months later that I was driving down the street with the stereo on and saw my friend who waved at me........All of a sudden I realized that I had been there before at that precise moment.  This was exactly the way I saw it in my goal reaching and it was now real.  I got a full body chill and had a feeling of dejavous.  It was pretty powerful.
Now I practice putting things into my future.  I write down my list at least once a year and whenever I am working on something specific I know that the best way to get clear and create my tomorrow is to dream  about what I want with all the detail I can imagine.  This is just one more way that we create our reality and I believe it is our responsibility to intentionally create. 

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