Thursday, March 17, 2011

We need your help - Don't Forget Us!

I heard those words on the radio early this morning.  The statement came from a man in Japan who was in a villiage nearby the nuclear power plants that are so dangerous right now.  It was sobering to me to think that it is our custom to go in and help people in need and yet there is extreme danger to anyone in that area of Japan.  How do you reconcile the giving and caring spirit of Americans with the fear of sure and certain radio-active exposure?  I know this is not the first time nor the last that good people are asked to risk their health and lives for the good of the masses. 
We actually ask our soldiers, law enforcement officers and firemen to risk their lives daily for the common good.  It is a responsibility that many Americans are willing to assume on a regular basis.  No matter how bad things seem and how much violence, murder and sadness there is, if you just look around you will see extreme measures of kindness and generousity in our world. 
I am saddened about the losses in Japan and yet grateful that I live in a world that is so full of goodness. 

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