Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Next Thought

Have you ever had an issue and no matter what you did it seemed to stay on your mind and in your thoughts?  It seems like you are obsessed with the problem and can't get away from it.  My daughter practices a process she calls "next thought."  When you are caught up or obsessed if you just say "next thought," it will usually break the spell and allow you to begin to think about something different.  It may take practice but the more you take charge of your thoughts and realize that you are in control the easier it will become.
If we practice the idea that our thoughts become our reality then making sure that we train ourselves to use different methods to stop negative or unproductive thinking is beneficial.  Just the realization of this can lead to the freedom from the obsession.  We are always in control whether we think we are or not.  Training yourself to experience a different reality is both productive and helpful.  Remember, as you think, you are.
And if you get in trouble....Next thought.....

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