Thursday, March 3, 2011

Parable of the Trapeze

The parable of the trapeze says when swinging through the air on one bar of the trapeze your can't reach for the new bar until you let go the first one.  I have often reminded my children of this when they are afraid to let go of the past so they can't grab on to the future.  It is a really good example of the metaphor for reaching our goals.  There have been so many times when I was faced with a great new opportunity but wanted to hold on tight to where I was and it is absolutely impossible to go forward until we let go of the where we are. 
Imagine the trapeze artist swinging back and forth with the new bar of opportunity swinging toward them but frozen in fear of letting go.  I think that is where we are in our lives many times.  The fear of the future because it is unknown causes us to hold on even though that is not where we want to be,  They say that shit is warm so we stay in it rather than move into the unknown. 

I encourage you to trust yourself and your faith and rest on the realization that the bar that swings before us actually brings great opportunity and riches we have not imagined.  Just reach out and let go........ 

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