Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Opportunity Knocks

When opportunity knocks do you lock the door and hide?  It is incredible that we would not jump at a new opportunity for a new and better experience but many of us are afraid of change so we run the other direction.  I read a book about the Aborigine tribes in Australia that told about how they travel across the land depending totally on their insight, intuition and senses.  They really don't chart their direction until they get a sign.  The sign may come from a bird that leads them in a certain direction or an animal that appears suddenly before them and takes them a new way.  They live their lives trusting their instincts and having faith that they are being lead by a greater force.

Those same signs present themselves to us continuously and are sure to lead the way to a better experience for us but I am not certain in our society that we have been encouraged to trust those signs or to wait until they appear for us to take action.  I talked in an earlier post about paying attention to things around us that give us insight.  I usually try to trust how I feel but at times when there is change involved fear creeps in and makes me feel anxious even though the signs are leading to a better way.  When that happens I talk to people who know me and I trust to give me feedback and help me overcome the fear so that I am able to move forward.  Those trusted advisors are so valuable in our lives because there are times when we may not be able to see clearly.  When opportunity knocks open the door and embrace it.  You will find success unaccounted for when you do.

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