Monday, February 28, 2011


In my life there have been many challenges.  I believe that there are lessons just for me but many times I prefer not to have the lessons.  I realize that life is a classroom and we are constantly faced with opportunities to learn new ways to do things and new ways to move about in this lifetime.  Upon reflection of life past I am able to have a better perspective but I am also weary of the challenges life brings.

Is there a time when I can relax and not have the responsibility of answering to anyone or is that even the utopia that I believe it to be?  Is there a time when I don't have to be responsible for anyone but myself or is that another challenge in itself?  I have been so busy and have so many people that answer to me and I take my responsibility to them seriously.  Perhaps that is the trade off of life.  We are constantly beholding to those who do things to benefit us.  Life is a circle of response and counter response.  We keep the energy moving by our actions and that causes reactions.  We are really are not in life alone.  Every actions causes a reaction and that brings about all the blessings of life. 

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