Sunday, March 13, 2011


My Neuro-Linguistic Practice (NLP) Master taught me to consider all things as interesting rather than judging something as good or bad.  I have found that information to be very beneficial in my life.  Think about how freeing it is not to have to make a judgement about everything that happens in your life.  Someone was rude to me...isn't that interesting.  Someone did something to hurt me...isn't that interesting.  A co-worker made a fool of themselves...isn't that interesting.   I don't have to be the rescuer, the forgiver, the victim when I look at everything as interesting. 
It is actually very empowering to look at life this way.  We don't have to become emotionally involved in any situation and can keep our balance and perspective.  If we truly look at life as being perfect just the way it is along with our desire to improve it then the viewpoint of things being interesting rather than good or bad is much easier to follow.  It is actually liberating. 
Have you ever attended a speech or presentation and felt like you needed to provide feedback to the presenter by nodding your head and agreeing with them?  What if you just allowed yourself to detach and enjoy every part of the speech without having to acknowledge either way?  I think my father must have looked at life this way.  He was very accepting of people and never really felt the need to change them.  How cool is that to be able to see people as they are and never feel the need to try to change them?

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