Friday, February 25, 2011

Use Your Words Wisely

When my son was a junior in high school he was in a pole vaulting competition at a  track meet.  He had already won the meet but decided to vault again for record height.  All eyes were on him as he prepared to vault.  I was video taping him and as he started his approach I said, "here we go do or die."  My son planted his pole, went high in the air, his pole broke and he fell 13 feet into the metal box below.  He broke his arm and was bruised internally.  After surgery on his arm and a few days in the hospital he healed and was fine over time.

That was the last time I used those words.  We hear people all the time say things that are cliches or become popular slang phrases and yet since that day at the track meet I have been very careful about what I say.  It certainly was not my intent that day for my words to create harm but I have learned that our words are very powerful and I try to use them to create what I want.

One popular phrase is "to die for" meaning that the food was very good or delicious.  My friend says that all the time and I think we especially don't want food that we would die for.  Another use is "I'm dying to ..."  If our sub-conscious takes direction from our words then we really don't want to put those things into our reality.   We don't actually want to die to see a movie, go on a trip, etc.  I think you get it, right? 

They say that our sub-conscious doesn't compute negatives so if we say "don't spill your milk," what do you think about but spilling milk.  Or when I tell you not the think of a pink elephant as hard as you may try it is almost impossible not to think about a pink elephant.  So just be aware of your words and use them to create the best life you can imagine.    

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