Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pass it On

I was reminded today about something my mother taught me at an early age.  My neighbor thanked me for things I had done for her and she said she could never repary my kindness.  It reminded me of the things  my mother taught me.  She said you never repay kindness or things done for you but you do pass it on.  When someone does something nice for you, you just appreciate their kindness and be willing to do something nice for the next person.  It is unusual that we have the opportunnity to repay a kind act but there are many opportunities to be kind to another.

What a wise person my mother was.  We have many opportunities in our lives to make a difference for another person.  It may be the simplest act of kindness like giving your seat to someone who is older or letting someone in front of you in traffic.  It may be stopping to check on your elderly neighbor or giving a call to someone who had an impact on your life to thank them.  What may be a small act for us may be a life saver for another.  

Many people live their lives in service to others, like my sister in law.  She is forever helping to care for an aunt, friend, family or stranger.   Her Christmas or Thanksgiving table is filled with those who have no where else to go nor anyone to be with.   She is as comfortable cooking for twenty as one.  I have always been amazed at her generousity.  I have told her many times that she will have stars in her crown.

Perhaps it is part of our legacy to care for those around us.  We are blessed by each experience who comes into our lives.  We are blessed to be a blessing.   

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