Wednesday, February 23, 2011

As a Man Thinketh in His Heart So Is He

This was one of my father's favorite sayings.  As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.  I have thought about that many times in my life.  Does it mean as you think you are you are?  Or does it mean that as you think, you are?  I have come to believe that it is the latter.  I believe that everything is thought first before it becomes matter or reality.  Our thoughts are like magnets that bring things into our lives.  I don't think it works just to try to have positive thoughts if you really don't believe those thoughts.  You have to be congruent and have the sense down deep that those thoughts are true and real for you.  When you do it is like magic.

So many times in our lives we are influenced by others around us and take on their reality rather than our own.  Pretty soon we begin to feel the discomfort or pain because we are not being true to ourselves.  It is important for us to consider our thoughts and monitor to decide if the thoughts are truly ours.  This is something that is so empowering and there is a strong feeling of comfort when it happens.  I know that I am on the right track when I feel a full body chill.  That is a signal for me that I am being true to my spirit and am truly myself.  We were all created as individuals in the image of God.  No one else can be who you are and you can't be anyone else.  Pay attention to your thoughts for they will soon become your reality. 

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