Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life is a Movie

A good friend told me once that my life is a movie and I am the director and producer.  All those in the movie are playing a part just for me.  This is a good way to look at life.  We often think that others are making our  lives difficult or think that if they would just act the way we think they should all would be well.  It really puts a different perspective on things to consider that each person is acting out the part that we need them to in order for us learn our life lessons.  It also places total responsibility for our lives in our hands.  
This thought process can be a bit challenging for us.  After all if things just went the way we wanted them to our lives would be easy and life would be smooth.   What if that person who fired you did it purely for your benefit and the boss that expects you to do more work while others slack off was preparing you for that next big career opportunity?  When we begin to look at life this way we take responsibility and control of all that happens.  We are no longer victims in life but co-creators. 

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