Friday, February 18, 2011

Group Energy

I have been attending a conference this week and have not been able to post daily.  I am very aware this week of the importance of group energy.  I have heard the word together many times as we find common ground and make decisions that will affect the future for many people. 

In the Bible it talks about where two or more are gathered together and last night I witnessed first hand the value of getting like people moving forward together.  There is a special energy behind a common cause and for many of us our personal experiences have bound us together to end Alzheimer's disease.  There is a special momentum that we have and will need to bring about a larger group of people to change this disease.

From the individuals with Alzheimer's to the new volunteer we were all caught up in the belief and hope that our combined energy will find a way to activate our country and world into finding a cure.  The statement we left the meeting with was "the end of Alzheimer's starts with me."  And it does.

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