Thursday, June 25, 2015


WHEN WE MOVE THROUGH THE WORLD IN A STATE OF LOVE, WE ARE CREATING MORE LOVE AROUND US.  Whatever we focus our attention and intention on, we reinforce and that causes it to expand in our world.   Send love to every person you come in contact with every day.  Which is better, for every person in your life to feel loved or for every person to feel fear or doubt.  Think about the person driving down the street next to you, the person in the grocery store, the person you do business with.  Is your day going to go better if you send each person a smile and a little love or if you fear they are going to get ahead of you? 

We have set up tests and rules which let people know if they are up to standard or not.  Most of the time we are trying to show others how they just don’t quite measure up to us.  It is a contest of better than and we have a need to compete with others.  We are taught that doing things right is more important than love.  Life is not a contest.  It is a schoolroom based on learning to love.  If we look at the method Socrates taught us about how to learn, we learn by describing and experiencing it ourselves.  So in order to learn more about love, we experience it ourselves, thereby, creating that state of love in our world.

First Law of Psychology - Whatever we place our attention on expands.   So if we want more love and peace in the world we focus on love and peace.  If we want more fear and hate, we focus on those things.  It is a choice.  What do you want more of in your life?  How do you see the people around you?  Do you think about what is wrong with them and how they need to do things differently, or do you see them as being perfect in their own right and accept them as they are? 

Love really has little to do with the other person being lovable.  It creates a great affect on the person doing the loving.  Can you imagine anyone who doesn’t want or need more love and acceptance in their life?  Or can you think of anyone who would not benefit greatly from more love in their life?  If that is the case, then why is it we are afraid to love?  Could it be that we think the world is limited to our own thinking?   

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