Friday, January 24, 2014

Find a Way

Yesterday I saw Diana Nyad on TV.  She was discussing her swim from Florida to Cuba and mentioned a mantra that her team used to focus on her success.  The mantra was "Find a Way."  she said that statement motivated her to meet her goal. 

As I thought about this I acknowledged how important this can be.  For me, as I recover from West Nile Virus it is helpful for me to find a way to recover.  Every day I focus on what it takes to get back to a normal life.  My home health therapy has helped me to develop the muscles and learn to sit, stand, walk and breathe better.   The only disability I will have is my vision.  The vision in my left eye is impaired due to damage to the optic nerve.  With glasses my right eye takes on the vision for both so I can read, watch TV and see at a distance.  Even though I have been told it cannot be corrected I will continue to "Find a Way."

These three little words are not only motivating but they are hopeful.  They allow us to realize there is a way to accomplish whatever we set our minds to.  No matter what obstacles we face there is a way to succeed.  

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