Sunday, May 5, 2013


I read something this week about peace from Eckhart Tolle.  This morning I am at the lake sitting looking out over the water and it reminded me of the article I had read.  The lake is quiet this morning and I am at peace.  Being at the lake is like a retreat for me.  I have time to sit and reflect or read but my time here seems to be set apart from the daily routine of life.  Perhaps the answer is to carry the peacefulness of the lake with me wherever I go.

So what is peace?  It may be different to each of us but for me it is the feeling that all is well in this moment in time.  I am content that at this precise point in time I  have no need to be or do anything more.  Sometimes it is fleeting but I practice consciously taking myself back to this place of contentment.  It really helps me when I am faced with stress or sadness because those things come into our lives often and we must call upon our inner reserve of peace to gain the strength and courage to carry on.

So for today I am at peace.  Peace be with you!

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