Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Life on Purpose

One of the greatest compliments paid to me was when someone said that I live my life on purpose.  I have thought about that many times and reflected on what that really means.  It seems like life is ready to bounce us around and push us from one experience to another without us necessarily even realizing that we are being manuevered. 

The sun comes up and we begin our regular routine of brushing teeth, drinking coffee, reading the paper and getting dressed for work.  We get into the car and drive the normal route to get to work without really thinking about it.  We go through the motions of doing our work, go home and start over for another day.  How much of the day is truly conscious decision rather than just going with the flow?

So what would happen if we went through the same motions but did them on purpose.  When we brush out teeth we really think about getting our teeth clean and when we drink coffee we relish the flavor and enjoy reading the paper with the time to reflect on what is happening in the world and considering what our role is to improve it.  We get dressed and are aware of how the clothes feel on our body and drive to work relishing the beauty around us.  We do our work with gratitude for the job with the intent of doing the best job we can that day and determine to bring joy wherever we go. 
That would be a day of life on purpose.  What fun! 

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