Saturday, February 23, 2013


Photo: Photo of the UTEP campus taken by one of our students with his cell phone yesterday after the rain. Loved it. Go Miners!!

This week there was a beautiful rainbow over El Paso.  This picture was taken by a student at the University of Texas at El Paso and was posted on Facebook.  It had rained slowly all day which is unusual  and just before sunset the sun came through the clouds and revealed the biggest rainbow that I have ever seen.  It was so high and you could see the whole arch of bright colors that were truly magnificent. 

It was breathtaking as we looked for the pot of gold that was surely nearby.  Magical and inspiring described the beauty of the desert on that winter day.  We live in an area where many people when visiting have difficulty seeing the natural beauty.  The stark desert mountains with little vegetation seem to come alive at different times of the day when the sun rises or sets and the colors are revealed.  What beauty that is always there but ofetn not seen.

I suppose it is the same with all of us.  There is a true natural beauty within us that may be hidden at times but shines forth with the sun. 

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