Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lessons I am Learning

Well it has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog.  I can't tell you that life got in the way other than to say that sometimes it just doesn't feel right to share lessons I've learned when I am in the process of learning new ones. 
The last few months have been a time of challenge for our family.  I thought that if I learned the lessons and worked hard to live life on purpose that things would be easier but I can tell you that life is a classroom with new lessons every day if we are open to them.  I can't tell you that I welcome them but all I can do is to try to learn from the experiences and go forward. 
I remember one time when my son was a senior in high school he came in late one night and told me he was frightened about leaving home the next year and going to college.  He said "I have never been in this place before," and I answered that I understood because I had never been this place before either.  There are always new challenges and experiences that we have not had before.  We have to have the strength and courage to go forth and do the best we can at any point and time.  All we can do is rely on our past experiences and learnings and make the best decisions we can based on them. 
As I look around me I am aware that I am not the only one who is going through challenges.  Have you noticed how much sadness and grief there is going on today?  There are many trials and tribulations that we have to face and deal with on a regular basis.  I think the lesson here is to persist, to gather our support system around us and to have faith in the future.  Oh, the lessons we learn.  

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