Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Special Place

I am in the mountains Where I grew up this week. There is something that is so comforting and relaxing about this place. I find myself centering into myself here. The sounds of the waters lashing in the pond, the smell of the pine trees and the big blue sky are so familiar to me. Perhaps it is the feeling of home.

It is the place of so many firsts in my life. The place I learned to drive and the place where I first made love. There are so many memories here. My children were born here and my parents died here. This beautiful place was the foundation of my life. It is no wonder that I have a special feeling for this place.

I was blessed in my life to have so much support and it all started in this small mountain town of Ruidoso. When I was in high school I was selected to represent the community at the Sun Carnival in El Paso. There were events several times a day and I needed different outfits for each one. My mother was a wonderful seamstress and made beautiful clothes for me and all our friends came together to furnish the hats, gloves, jewelry and even a fur coat. It was a magical week attending brunches, cocktail parties, the football game and the coronation ball. Needless to say I felt very special. No wonder I have a special feeling for this place.

We all need a place we can go to where we were loved and supported. Where we were allowed to learn and grow in a safe environment and where even if we only go there in our dreams we feel special.

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