Friday, January 6, 2012


And to everything there is a season.  A time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to look forward and a time to look back, a time to sing and a time to be silent, a time to dance and a time to be still, a time to be born and a time to die.  There are many passages that we go through in life.  Many are joyous and cause happiness and then there are those that are just as important part of life that cause sadness and are difficult to deal with. 
The letting go of a parent is never easy but it is one of those very inmportant passages.  The difficulty in our family is that both our mothers suffered from Alzheimer's disease so we lost them in many small ways before they each finally made their transition.  It seems to change what I would consider to be  a normal passage.  I think we all would like to die in our sleep at a ripe old age but that is not always what happens to us.  As we deal with the death of a parent it is definitely a time to reflect on all the unconditional love that we were blessed with and to realize and appreciate that each of our parents did the best they could for us with all the skills and abilities that they had at the time. 
I am extremely grateful for the mother of my husband as she nears the end of her life.  I appreciate all she did to teach my husband and make him such a fine man.  I know that there were many times in her life that may not have been that easy as it is for most of us but her love never failed and for that I will always be grateful.  

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