Monday, December 26, 2011


Today is our 48th wedding anniversary.  It is really a symbol of success, persistence, patience and growth.  I give credit to my husband for his willingness to adapt and change over the years and for his ability to challenge me and help me grow. 
We didn't really get a great start in our lives together and there were many times when we were ready to give up but I am so grateful to him and to myself for being willing to stick it out.  In our case, which is not necessarily true for everyone, the challenges we faced in our marriage were challenges of growth and change that are necessary as we develop and try to become the best we can be as individuals.  Those paths are not always parallel and many times we grow apart and find it difficult to cohabitate as we are changing and learning to be ourselves. 
I see life as a school where we learn to truly be who we are meant to be.  There are many things that come in to push us and difficulties that arise to help us overcome our faults and perfect ourselves.  Not that we are ever perfect but a true partnership will provide you every opportunity to grind off those rough edges in order to become a couple.  I have often thought that you have to have someone in your life that you care enough about to be willing to let go of your stuborness and selfishness.  If we live alone and only have to please ourselves then we don't get all those great opportunities to change.  We might think we are good just as we are but in a marriage you get the chance to see your flaws and try to make them better.
I have had many growth opportunities over the years as has my husband.  So when we sit down to celebrate tonight, it is truly a celebration of success in looking back.  We have faced the challenges and made our way through them.  We have a better life today than we have ever had and we have two children who are married and have four wonderful grandchildren that bring us joy every day.
So as we sit comfortably in our home tonight we can look back over the years with a since of pride that we somehow made it and look forward to many more wonderful years together. 

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