Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I used to call things that happened to me coincidence but now I consider them God-incidence.   I have talked a lot on this blog about letting go.  I think it is a spiritual process and very rewarding.  We often think that we are in control of our lives but there is really a higher calling or purpose that pulls us toward what we are to be.  How does a rose know that is it to be a rose rather than a tulip?  There is something set up in its makeup from the seed or bulb that can only be what it is designed to be.  I believe it is the same for us but we often don't realize it. 

When we experience stuggles or strife in our lives it is because we are not following our true calling and might be trying to be something other than who we really are.  We work to control the environment around us and worry and fret about things not working out.  "Remember the Lillies of the field, they toil not neither do they spin."  It is the same with us.  When we let go and allow ourselves to be, we begin to see God's plan in our lives.  Things flow easily and we don't have to push or control. 

Needless to say, this summer has been one of the more challenging times in my life.  The more difficult things became the more I thought I had to control them.  I have found that this is one of the patterns that I get into and yet I know deep inside that it doesn't really work for me.  Last week I had the opportunity to stop and relax and when I did things became more clear.  I realized that I just needed to let go and not be dependent on the outcomes of which I had no control anyway.  When I began to let go things started to change.

I reached out to a spiritual advisor who had helped me and my family a lot in the past.  Once I talked to him he was able to help me get my thinking straight and I started to feel better and believed that all would be well.  On Monday I was at work and had to start planning my week since I had been on vacation.  I decided to make some calls and set up appointments to meet with people.   I made a call to one person and set up a lunch meeting and then looked at my files to see who else I needed to meet with.  One of the girls who works for me asked me to lunch so I left my list on the desk planning to make the other calls when I returned.  When we got to the restaurant we saw the lady I had set up a lunch date with and said hello to her.  What a coincidence.  Then after we finished eating the other lady whose name I had written down to call walked into the restaurant and I was able to visit with her.  By this time I knew that it was no longer a coincidence but a God-incidence.  When I returned to work a received a call from a donor that we would be getting a large donation.  Why do I worry?  Why do I try to control things that are not under my control anyway.  So I say again---Let Go and Let God.  You will be amazed at what can happen. 

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