Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Hope You Dance

There was a song writeen with this title and I love what it says.  I don't really remember all the words but to me it means I hope you are willing to let go and move to your own rhythym in life.  I heard someone say that they don't dance and I thought it was so interesting.  We are born moving and we all have an internal rhythym that we need to honor.  Whether we dance with a partner to music or not is up to the individual but I hope all of us are willing to listen to a song and allow our bodies to move in sync with that music.  The universe is based on mathmatics and everything has it's own movement.  If we do not allow the natural movement we are denying ourselves a natural part of our being. 

I remember dancing when I was only 4 years old.  We grew up in a small resort town in the southern Rocky Mountains.  All the families had dances and the children went along and learned to dance at early ages.  We passed that tradition on to our children and our grandchildren are learning to dance also.  This year we went to a family wedding and all the children ages 4 and up were dancing along with their parents and grandparents.  It was wonderful and so much fun. 

I hope you all find your own rhythym and let go and dance.  It will make you healthy, happy and free.  I hope you dance. 

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