Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Being Right Is a Lonely Place

I realized a long time ago that being right is a lonely place.  The reason is that if you have the need to be right then you are making someone else wrong.  There is really not much pleasure in making someone wrong and even when you do it doesn't make you feel very good. 

 A few weeks ago I was at a meeting where a lady made a mistake in her reservations.  She emphatically stressed that she had made the reservations with all the correct names but she really had not.  The best thing to do was to correct the reservations according to her wishes and all would be well.  But she was wrong, the others said and they wanted to make sure she knew it and admitted it.  All we had to do was correct her reservation and go on with our business.  She would be appreciative even though she knew the mistake was hers.  It really didn't hurt us to accomodate her and I knew she would be grateful.  I realized at that time that it was a case of not having to be right nor make her wrong. 

There are many times in life where we have the option of giving somone the benefit of the doubt and allowing them to look good even if they made a mistake.  It is my philosophy that we are always better off if we err on the side of making someone else look good.  It is actually much more comfortable because being right is a very lonely place.....     

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  1. I googled "being right is a lonely place" and came up with your blog. I was looking for a quote to give someone. I love how you put it and I agree with you. Being right can be lonely. Following the letter of the law without any grace. We all make mistakes and hate for them to be shoved in our face. Usually people are very grateful when you do not humiliate them, but rather help them or fix the error. Thanks for posting this.