Monday, February 21, 2011

Never Doubt

I had the most amazing experience this week.  I was traveling and I am usually very careful about making sure that I have all my travel needs in place.  I am very organized and keep my boarding pass, driver's license, phone, etc. in specific places as I use them.  This week I arrived in Atlanta and as I approached the hotel, I looked for my driver's license and couldn't find it.  I began to look for it anxiously and still could not find it.  Upon arrival at the hotel the bellman opened my door and said welcome Mrs. Watkins and handed me my driver's license.  It had fallen out of my pocket and he found it when he opened the door.  I was so grateful and thankful that I hadn't lost it.

When the conference I was attending ended I had time in the afternoon before my plane was scheduled to leave so we decided to take a limousine tour of Atlanta.  It was a great experience and we learned a lot about the beautiful city and its history.  We arrived at the airport, went through security and reached our gate.
As we sat down to relax I looked for my cell phone.  My friend called my number so I could find it but it was not in my purse or pockets.  Soon Willie the limo driver answered the phone.  I had left it when we got out of the limo.  Willie said he would return to the airport and bring the phone.  I was to meet him at the area where he dropped us off in about 30 minutes.  Boy, was I lucky again!  Just when I thought I had lost something it was recovered right away.  How lucky can you get?

I hurried through the airport, taking the escalator, tram and walking quite a way to make certain I was as the right pace when he arrived with my phone.  I waited and waited and several black limousines arrived but it was not the right one.  I waited 30 minutes, 45 minutes and became more and more concerned when Willie didn't arrive.  I thought he seemed honest.  He was such a nice guy and we had a delightful tour of the city with him.  Maybe I was wrong about him after all the Droid phones are expensive  and I really didn't know him.  I was really getting worried so I asked the Skycap if he had a phone I could borrow.  He had left his phone downstairs to charge so he tried the land line phone but he was unable to call long distance.  He said he would go down and get his phone so I could use it.  In a few minutes he came rushing back and said follow me.  There is a man downstairs who is looking for a woman who left her phone in his limo.  I asked him how he knew this.  Did he remember the number I gave him to call?  He said no he just happened to hear the man when he went downstairs telling someone that he was looking for a woman who left her phone in his car.  There was Willie waiting with my phone.  I was so grateful to him for being so honest and for being persistent about returning the phone and to the Skycap for being willing to go beyond to help me. 

When I think about all the things that had to align themselves in order for the Skycap that I approached to have left his phone downstairs and at the perfect time overhear the the man saying that he was looking for the woman who left her phone in the car I am totally amazed.  I walked back into the airport, through security, up the escalator, on the tram and back to the gate.  I still had plenty of time before my flight left.  As I arrived back, I was in tears.  Not from rushing about, but from the reality of what a divine, serendipitous experience I had just been through.  My friend reminded me that this was three different things I had experienced this week that could have been disasters for me but instead turned out to be blessings beyond understanding. 

Why do I ever doubt?  Have faith, all is well......... 

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  1. Thank you Nese for bringing this back to my awareness. We all need to be reminded of divine presence in our lives.