Tuesday, August 29, 2017


As human beings we become so efficient in taking care of ourselves and our daily activities of living.  We begin to take for granted the luxuries of life and the many blessings we have each day.  There are so many opportunities to grow and learn and create new experiences for ourselves and yet we often are fearful of what the future may bring.

I have been involving myself in some personal growth and belief change opportunities.  As I read and ponder I have become more aware that as challenges appear before me I may not always know which way to go but if I have the WILLINGNESS to move forward it will always pay off for me.  I suppose that is really what faith is.  Being willing to move forward with faith without necessarily understanding what the outcome might be or what may be required of me.  We don't really have to have the answers or know what might happen but the act of moving into action is a benefit in itself.

I may not know how to fix or change a situation but if I am willing to step forward in faith things will begin to fall into place and resolve themselves.  It is not necessary to focus on the outcome but to be willing to step forward that brings the greatest joy. 

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