Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Last weekend I was at the lake with my husband.  There was a full moon and as the moon came up over the mountain the reflection on the lake was beautiful.  The next night as the sun set the clouds turned a pretty pink and once again I became aware of the beauty of nature.

First of all I am grateful for the opportunity to have a nice boat on the lake where I can go and relax anytime I want and enjoy my friends and family.  It is wonderful to be able to spend time in nature and appreciate the stillness in the morning and all the different activities that allow me to be joyful.

I remember going to the lake years ago and observing the people who had the big boats thinking how lucky they were.  Now I am aware that I am one of those lucky people and I am grateful.

A few weeks ago I was having lunch with some friends and they were talking about their travels all over the world.  As I listened to them I started telling them about this great resort that my husband and I go to.  It is only a couple of hours away and we can go there anytime we want.  Everything we need is at our fingertips. My husband can fish to his hearts content and I can relax and read all I want. They enthusiastically asked me where it was and I told them the lake.  

While it is not as glamorous as many of the place my friends may travel it is perfect for us and it brings us great contentment and joy.  When I said that to my friends I realized how truly blessed I am and I am filled with gratitude.   

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  1. Hope you're ok, Haven't seen you post in a while.