Monday, August 25, 2014

School Days

Today there is a freshness in the air.  It is cloudy with a bit of rain and you can feel the change in the air.  I always enjoy the first day of school in the late summer for it represents a renewal of possibilities.  Whether you are going to school, have children in school or have no children in school there is still a change that takes effect when school starts.

I remember the excitement and apprehension every year at this time when I was a child.  How will the teachers be?  What new friends will I make?  What will I learn?  Even though it has been many years since I was in school I still feel an excitement and look forward to the change.

As an adult having lived over 70 years I still think about the questions.  What will this year bring?  What will I learn?  What new relationships will I build?  Every year we are growing, learning, loving and entertaining new experiences.  This past year has been a year of recovery and rehabilitation for me so I am really looking forward to a year of good health and physical strength. It is funny how much more I appreciate my body now after having had to learn to sit, stand and walk again.  I have a new anticipation of what I can do and now that I am no longer working I have the freedom to follow through on my desires.

Let's all celebrate the newness of the school year and consider all the changes that may arise for us looking at them through the eyes of a child.

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