Sunday, March 18, 2012


I read this week that belief is a thought that you keep on practicing.  I think there are many things in our lives today that we have practiced and now believe in that no longer serve us well.  In the American Indian traditions they would say that something no longer "grows corn" meaning that there is no benefit.

Everyday I notice there are things in our world that are literally falling apart and we worry about what this world is coming to.  Our economy, political system, educational systems, and churches are all changing and may no longer meet our needs but we hold on to them because that is what we have precticed over the years.  I believe (meaning that I have practiced looking at things from a new perspective) that there are newer and better ways and systems for us but until we allow the old to break apart, there is not room for the new. 

I encourage all of us to look at the changes coming about and embrace the thought that if it is not working for us a new and better way will come along.  Release all the fear and the need to hold on to something even if you don't like it.  Allow the cream to come to the top.  We all see things around us changing so we hold on to our faith knowing that all is in perfect order even if it is different.  

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