Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In Memory

Tonight I went to a candlelight vigil in memory of those who had Alzheimer's disease. My mother died in 2001 from complications of Alzheimer's so it is something I am passionate about. Way too many people are affected with this dreaded disease and the numbers are growing at epidemic proportion.
When my mother died I felt like I was grieving two people---the one who was my mother who was capable and strong and the person who forgot who she was and no longer knew I was her daughter. I have seen so much sadness over the years in my work with the Alzheimer's Association and yet I always feel that when families learn more about the disease they are better equipped to deal with it so the information gives them hope.
I am watching the Country Music Awards and they are honoring Glenn Campbell who now has Alzheimer's. It is certainly no respecter of persons and affects celebrities, presidents, and many folks like us. Our speaker this evening was a man with the disease who was also a caregiver for his mother when she had Alzheimer's. He is dedicated to speaking out and doing whatever he can to change this disease.
If you know someone with Alzheimer's reach out to them and don't forget to tell your Congressmen how important funding for research is.

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