Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's Good About It?

I wanted to host a radio show called "What's Good About It," years ago.  I think people follow others in conversation and as I stated yesterday, you can set the tone of the conversation by your response.  In our world we need to look for the good in everything rather than looking at what is wrong.  We get into the habit of complaining and pretty soon we are consumed with negative thoughts.  Well the radio show never happened but I still would like to encourage people to see the good in life.

I love to listen to talk radio and the news but so often all I hear is one bad thing after another.  Why are we attracted to the sensational news and gossip?  I listen to it too, but I know that it is stressful to me.  If we didn't listen to all that is going on in the world would we be worse off?  Right now the violence in Juarez, Mexico, close to my home is horrible to read about or listen to.  I care about what happens but I am powerless to change it and if I get immersed in it then it also affects my life.  Sometimes we just need to insulate ourselves to be allow to create more good in the world.

 Some may say that they are merely discussing the reality but what is real?  For anything to manifest in our world as real it must first become a thought.  Are our thoughts real?  There are many questions to find answers to as we consider what is real in our lives.  I would offer the thought that what is real to one may not be to another.  So think about your life today and reflect on what is good about it.  I assure you more good will come by just being aware.....

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