Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Else Could Be True

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to make judgements or decisions about another person when they do something that upsets you?  My daughter-in-law has taught us to say "what else could be true?"  If a person cuts you off in traffic could it possibly be that they were trying to get to the hospital or were late getting to their child's school program?  If someone cuts in front of you in line or pulls into the parking space you were waiting for could it be that they had an emergency? 

It really doesn't matter what their reason was because it has nothing to do with them.  Just asking yourself this question puts you in a different frame of mind and allows you to have more flexibility in your response and reaction.  It might even keep you from getting angry or cause you to relax rather than get upset at the next person you see.  It is all about how we deal with the circumstances in our lives that really matters. 

There are many opportunities in life for us to practice a better way to be.  We are constantly challenged to make choices that will manifest in our lives.  Do you choose to react angrily, even if it is justified, or ask "what else could be true?"  

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