Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today in the Southwest

I live in the desert southwest in the very southern tip of the Rocky Mountains.  The desert is beautiful and normally the days are full of sunshine.  For the past three days we have had record low temperatures.  It is unusual for us to have days that shut down our community due to weather or freezing temperatures.  I always brag about how easy life is here with no extreme weather and the days consistently nice.  I realized many years ago that I needed sunshine and space like Superman needed Cryptonite.  It feeds my soul.  There is a certain freedom in living in a place where life is easier.   

This is the first posting on my blog and I hope that what I share is of benefit to someone.  Over the years of my life I have had the opportunity to experience many wonderful lessons and even though they may have been hard, the benefits have been great.  So, this is what I willl share with whoever wants to follow me on this blog.   I will share some of my favorite quotes to start with. 

"Treat people as if they are what they could be and you help them become what they can be." 
This statement is something that comes almost second nature to a mother.  We believe in the best for our children and hold the picture of them as their highest and best even when many times the reality seems to be quite different.  It was comforting to me growing up to know that my mother thought I could do anything and encouraged me and believed in who I could be.  That confidence has been like a strong thread weaving its way through my days.  What a gift it has been to have someone hold that image for me.  Imagine if we did that for our friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances.  The law of attraction pulls us toward the thoughts and images that are held for us.  What a wonderful world it can be. 


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