Friday, February 11, 2011

Count Your Blessings

Tonight is Friday night and my husband and I went out to dinner after work.  We went to a place that we enjoy going to for a nice dinner and had a great meal, great service and most of all great company being alone together.  We have reached the place in our lives where we are grateful for each other every day.  It is not that each day is perfect but that we have come to enjoy the small blessings of having each day together.

We read each others thoughts and repeat the stories we enjoy about how smart and cute our grandchildren are.  Others may be bored with our repititions but to us each story is precious no matter how many times we recall it.  We discuss the challenges of the day and know before the other speaks what their response will be and yet we find comfort in having that support or in challenging each other to look at things in a different way.  We have been each others greatest comfort and each others greatest teachers. 

We almost gave up on our relationship 23 years ago but something held us together and now we are reaping the benefits of hanging in there for each other.  I have seen so many of my friends who gave up on their relationships when things got tough but life gets tough anyway and we take ourselves wherever we go.  I have found that the more I work on my own issues the better my husband and my relationship gets.  I guess the moral of the story for me is that most of the problems in my life are due to my very own issues and only I can resolve them.  I can blame others but until and only until I am willing to take the responsibility for my life will things really be the way I want truly want them to be.  

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  1. It's addicting! I had to read them all. My favorite...the orange juice. What a wonderful and positive insight to the world around us! thank you! cml